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In Their Words

“Quintessential: that is the word that best suits how you start any description of who, what, when or how Ted imparts his value and know-how. And “genuine” is the only word that matters when you want someone who will come to the boardroom table and leave you wanting more. Most important, technology will never replace the character and value that is truly priceless in Ted Moorhouse. Consider this when you only want the best.”

“Ted serves us in an exemplary manner, deserving accolades from all of us on the board. Ted spends countless hours of his valuable time, and always serves in the best interest of our organization as a whole. We are fortunate to have the leadership of Ted. Frankly, my opinion is that his dedication to our board is unparalleled.”

“I extend enormous thanks to Ted. His commitment is of such high value, and the words first-rate, exceptional, generous and selfless don’t even begin to do justice to his contribution. I will continue to serve on the board if Ted continues to lead us.”

“From meeting Ted, I got a real sense of his desire to do something good for the people in Uganda as well as other parts of the world. I can also appreciate his sensitivity towards understanding and celebrating people of a different culture – the richness of their society as well as the great needs that they face. What a blessing to be able to do something that you know can help to change their lives and make a real difference for the better. He has toured our whole country, and he encouraged people at every stop with his gifts of education and compassion.”

“I remember our visits to Egypt and Syria, our many meetings in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and our hundreds of SMS, emails, plans, projects in great harmony and professional tuning. Ted becomes his client and his client becomes Ted, with Ted working day and night, 24x7 to serve his clients despite all the difficulties faced in our region. Ted and I both believe in changing the lives of millions of humble people and fresh graduates in many developing countries. There were remarkable achievements we accomplished together. God bless you Ted and bless your esteemed family.”

“Ted made significant contributions with his commitments. Ted's involvement in the Clinton Global Initiative advances our mission from discussion to practical, sustainable solutions. I look forward to learning about Ted's accomplishments, and thank him again for his dedication and for taking action to confront global challenges.”

“Oracle built what they thought was an ideal five-year strategic plan for Winnipeg, and then Ted did it all in just the first year.”

“My meetings with Ted Moorhouse were very positive. Those of you who have met him no doubt share my impression that he is a very friendly, professional person with some interesting life experiences and passions.”

“Ted has taught me the importance of befriending employees rather than treating them solely as workers, empowering employees by making them think for themselves, respecting and trusting employees, and praising employees for a job well done. Ted’s dedication, drive and passion are contagious and have helped create a dynamic and inspirational working atmosphere. In addition, Ted’s attentiveness to and awareness of each member of his team should be a model for those in similar ranks.”

“Ted’s presentation on marketing strategy was outstanding. His attention to detail was evident in every piece presented. The new pricing format was also exciting; it will help position us to win a number of opportunities that may have been a stretch with the previous format. Thank you Ted!”

“I just wanted to thank Ted for the excellent presentation he provided us in Dallas. The tools Ted has provided to the sales force will enhance our business and our contacts. Hats off to Ted for an outstanding job!”

“Thanks to Ted for his leadership displayed at our Professional Development Workshop. By challenging ‘the way it is’, Ted is encouraging the salespeople to stretch to the next level of professionalism and jump out of the ruts that some of them are trapped in. What can I say about Ted’s presentation that has not already been said? Incredible. Powerful. Awesome! It was a wonderful way to re-charge the troops! Ted’s enthusiasm and energy was exactly what they needed.”

“I would like to express my appreciation of Ted’s dedication and commitment on the Coors Brewing proposal. Ted’s meticulous attention to detail and extra efforts are well appreciated..”

“Ted’s professionalism, patience and sense of humour have made my job easier - and for that I am grateful.”

“As a former Senior Stick, your presence provided students with an unmatched opportunity to view the rewards of well-defined goals and hard work. Your enthusiasm and support for the Faculty of Management was clearly evidenced. Your career choices and lifestyle are fascinating stories and I enjoyed our conversations; I cannot help but be motivated by the unlimited potential for success that inspired you.”

“Ted’s commitment and understanding of his clients allows him to continue to build relationships. Ted channels his high energy and initiative into providing excellent support for his clients. An example was Ted's work for his client at Calgary’s Scotia Place. Ted did an excellent job managing and motivating them in a difficult year. Early in the year, Ted’s client was forecasting numbers in the range of 50% of the budget, and it was through Ted’s hard work and creativity that they not only met but exceeded their targets.”

“In all of my dealings with Ted, I have found him to be very professional, and I hold him and his business ethics in the highest regard. Ted is an extremely hard working individual, is very much a team player, and is very efficient in his use of time and resources. He always puts his clients first.”

“During the five year period we were associated, Ted consistently met and exceeded our goals: hard work; intelligence and high standards, doing what he said he would do, plus loyalty and dedication to the company.”

“I have a high regard for Ted’s intellect, humour, manner, unique style and warmth. I have witnessed his business acumen and high degree of ethics and honour.”

“Ted is very dedicated to his clients. He has always been enthusiastic in his approach to them, and his eagerness to service his clients amounted to the best sales year we ever had.”

“Ted truly did an outstanding job in completing the Hydro RFI.”

“Ted makes use of the most advanced people management techniques. Ted has a high degree of devotion to duty, working long hours to ensure excellence in all his work, right down to the details. Ted also possesses unparalleled personal integrity, courtesy and consideration of his clients. Ted is well liked by all clients who have worked with him.”

“Ted is an outstanding leader with a passion for achievement. Ted’s enthusiasm, marketing skills, creativity and dedication are among his major strengths.”

“Ted is highly regarded for his expertise in sales promotion and merchandising. Ted has a strong customer focus and this, combined with his thorough approach to servicing his clients, earns him their praise and gratitude. Ted was directly responsible for the creation and execution of several innovative promotions and proposals that resulted in significant increases in sales. I find Ted to be open, fair, supportive, thorough, communicative, hard-working and a real team player. Ted has a fresh innovative approach to product development. He leads cross-functional product teams with players from inside and outside companies. Ted’s contagious enthusiasm and perseverance are invaluable assets to these teams.”

“We are very appreciative of Ted’s diligent efforts, enthusiasm, expertise, hard work and appreciation of the unique situations we live with here in the NWT.”

“I enjoyed working with Ted in Hong Kong, and after witnessing his negotiating abilities under extreme conditions, I have been left with a lasting impression. Ted takes great initiative and responsibility. I have a tremendous amount of respect and admiration for Ted; the right person for the right task..”

“Ted Moorhouse has a very professional manner. His work reflects a good balance between the technical and business issues associated with our company’s request. He has earned a solid reputation for providing superior customer service.”

“I find Ted to be very conscientious and sensitive to client needs. I always feel that Ted looks after my best interests. His enthusiasm, affability and pleasant demeanor enhance our working relationship.”

“In working with Ted, we find him to have a very professional manner and a very high level of integrity. As we both support partners that compete with the other’s interests, it is always challenging to share information without breaching confidence. Ted always handles these situations with tact and class. He is very trustworthy and gains client's confidence very quickly.”

“Ted’s presentation in Abu Dhabi was outstanding! Even His Excellency the Director General suddenly wanted to see us! Ted’s delivery, control, expertise and general knowledge was outstanding. It resulted in a presentation that was comprehensive, highly informative and very well received.”

“I am with Ted because I sense decency in him that I have not often enough seen in senior business management.”

“Ted’s success in Dubai was the culmination of his business dreams, vision and effort. The looks of care and pride I saw on the faces of Ted’s family, friends – the people who know him well – is nothing short of inspiring.”

“I was highly impressed by Ted’s seriousness and actions taken; I really admire his dedication, commitment to excellence and transparency.”

“Ted is truly a fine man; intelligent, classy and above all very driven.”

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